Jarod Powell was born outside of St. Louis, Missouri to a preschool teacher and a construction worker. He spent the bulk of his youth in front of the television. He has happy memories of shocking his parents by doing a book report on Notes From Underground in the fourth grade, and also of writing short stories with titles like "Mommy's Little Killer" and "Bony Bitch", as well as devouring films like Gummo and A Nightmare on Elm Street well before he was old enough. It was a good childhood.

In high-school, he cultivated his complicated relationship with humanity by working as a cashier at Wal-Mart. He also worked at his father's chicken farm, which explains his phobia of birds. He calls them "postmodern dinosaurs."

For college, he attended Colorado Film School in Denver and Southeast Missouri State University, where he received his undergraduate degrees in film and English.

After a doomed stint in Los Angeles working for film industry sociopaths,  Powell moved to Chicago. There he studied comedy writing at Second City, before beaming back to the mother ship in St. Louis to attend graduate school at University of Missouri-St. Louis.

He published two books, Inheritance and Other Stories and the poetry collection Poor Man's Imaginary Friend, which went mostly unnoticed, while he attended school and worked full-time with special needs clients.

He also directed two short films, Smoke Colored Light and Hypnos, both of which were adaptations of excerpts from the novel Boys in Gilded Cages and the story collection She Burned Me Alive. 

Powell’s 2014 debut novel, the literary experiment Boys In Gilded Cages, was critically acclaimed and spent several weeks at #1 on several major lists. Movie rights have been sold.

He published a Kindle Single, Quiet Light, and a digital short story collection She Burned Me Alive. 

Powell’s forthcoming second novel, TweakerBaby, has stirred buzz online and in print. It is due out in 2017.

Powell’s work has been published in twenty-seven languages. He lives in Missouri with his Old English Bulldog, Tank. He's supposed to be working on several projects including a feature film, but he's probably sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy and contemplating his existence.